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Common Core ELA RF K 3d Grade K Reading Foundational Skills Phonics and Word recognition

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonics and Word recognition

Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ.

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-ick Word Wheel-ail Word Wheel-eet Word Wheel-ing Word Wheel-in Word Wheel-ate Word Wheel-ip Word Wheel-ice Word Wheel-all Word Wheel-ake Word Wheel-ine Word Wheel-eat Word Wheel-ink Word Wheel-eep Word Wheel-eel Word Wheel-un Word Wheel-ut Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #1-ump Word Wheel-ell Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #2-unk Word Wheel-ed Word Wheel-op Word Wheel-ot Word Wheel-eet Word Wheel-ot Word Wheel-ub Word Wheel-ear Word Wheel-ay Word Wheel-ook Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #2-eal Word Wheel-ine Word Wheel-ear Word Wheel-ug Word Wheel-ip Word Wheel-eal Word Wheel-ore Word Wheel-ed Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #1-ink Word Wheel-eal Word Wheel-ook Word Wheel-oat Word Wheel-uck Word Wheel-ing Word Wheel-at Word Wheel-ore Word Wheel-ight Word Wheel-eat Word Wheel-ime Word Wheel-ock Word Wheel-it Word Wheel-aw Word Wheel-in Word Wheel-ap Word Wheel-ut Word Wheel-ick Word Wheel-op Word Wheel-ate Word Wheel-ime Word Wheel-ag Word Wheel-ay Word Wheel-all Word Wheel-end Word Wheel-ump Word Wheel-est Word Wheel-ake Word Wheel-ock Word Wheel-unk Word Wheel-ere Word Wheel-and Word Wheel-oat Word Wheel-ug Word Wheel-ice Word Wheel-ail Word Wheel-un Word Wheel-ent Word Wheel-an Word Wheel-eep Word Wheel-an Word Wheel-ad Word Wheel-ew Word Wheel-at Word Wheel-ack Word Wheel-ent Word Wheel-ap Word Wheel-end Word Wheel-uck Word Wheel-ell Word Wheel-ere Word Wheel-ub Word Wheel-eel Word Wheel-aw Word Wheel-it Word Wheel-ight Word Wheel-and Word WheelPhonics Poem: PopcornShort A: Black Cat, Tan CatPhonics Poem: Buggy Bump BallPhonics Poem: Mud PuppyPhonics Poem: SpotPhonics Poem: Black Cat, Tan CatPhonics Poem: Beg for an EggPhonics Poem: Wet PetBlack Cat, Tan CatPhonics Poem: Dripping SinkPhonics Poem: Pig and the PrinceSuffix -ed: Word SortTEST PDFWriting Words with L lTrace-and-Say: Starts with N nWords that Start with H hWord Family Sort - /m/Build-a-Word: Fan & FrogWriting Words with M mWord-Picture Match - /f/ WordsWriting Words with P pBuild-a-Word: Pig & PenBuild-a-Word: Fox & FishTrace-and-Say: Starts with P pBlank Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Gift and GoatWriting Words that Start with BWord Family Sort - /h/Word-Picture Match - /p/ WordsWords that Start with C cBuild-a-Word: Hen & HatBuild-a-Word: Pot & PawBuild-a-Word: Cup & CakeWriting Words that Start with H hWriting Words that Start with CWord-Picture Match - /h/ WordsBuild-a-Word: Cow & CatWriting Words that Start with LBuild-a-Word: Lamp & LipsWord-Picture Match - Hard-C WordsWord Family Sort - /b/Words that Start with L lWord Family Sort - /r/Word-Picture Match - /l/ WordsWords that Start with K kWriting Words with B bWord Family Sort - /s/Writing Words with R rWord-Picture Match - /k/ WordsWord Family Sort - /d/Writing Words that Start with KWords that Start with F fWriting Words with N nBuild-a-Word: Snow & SledWord Family Sort - /j/Writing Words that Start with FWord Family Sort - /n/Writing Words with S sBuild-a-Word: Key & KingWriting Words with D dWriting Words that Start with P pTrace-and-Say: Starts with S sBuild-a-Word: Jet & JarWords that Start with B bBuild-a-Word: Toys & TentBuild-a-Word: Six & StarBuild-a-Word: Mat & MoonWord-Picture Match - /b/ WordsWord-Picture Match - /t/ WordsWriting Words that Start with S sBuild-a-Word: Man & MugBuild-a-Word: Bug & BallTrace-and-Say: Starts with T tWriting Words that Start with M mBuild-a-Word: Bed & BatWriting Words that Start with T tWord-Picture Match - Q WordsWord-Picture Match - /s/ WordsWriting Words that Start with R rWord-Picture Match - /m/ WordsBuild-a-Word: Dog & DuckSorting /s/ and /z/Trace-and-Say: Starts with Q qBuild-a-Word: Rat & RingWord-Picture Match - /j/ WordsWord-Picture Match - /d/ WordsBuild-a-Word: QuiltWord-Picture Match - /r/ WordsWords that Start with D dBuild-a-Word: QueenTrace-and-Say: Starts with R rWriting Words that Start with DWriting Words that Start with J jWriting Words that Start with Q qBuild-a-Word: Roof & RoseWords that Start with J jWord Family Sort - /t/Writing Words with T tWord Family Sort - /p/Word Family Sort - /f/Writing Words that Start with N nWriting Words with F f