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Common Core ELA RF K 3 Grade K Reading Foundational Skills Phonics and Word recognition

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonics and Word recognition

Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.

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Listen and Circle: Short ERhyming Words 3Suffix -ed: Word SortWords that Start with L lLetter E e - Practice SheetWord Family Sort - /s/L - Word WheelFloat Your Boat (oa Sound)-eep Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /t/ Words-all Word WheelB- Word WheelC- Word Wheel (Soft C)-ot Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Net & NestJ - Word WheelRhymes with PigBuild-a-Word: Snow & SledWords that Start with H hFarm Mini-Book-eel Word WheelTrace-and-Say: Starts with T tLetter B b - Practice SheetWH - Word Wheel-ub Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /n/ WordsF- Word WheelRhyming Words 2Writing Words with S sG - Word Wheel (Hard G)Community Helpers Mini-Book-ell Word WheelWriting Words that Start with T tWords that Start with B bC- Word Wheel (Hard C)-ow Word Wheel #2Trace-and-Say: Starts with N nLetter K k - Practice SheetM - Word WheelLetter C c - Practice SheetRhyming Words 1-ake Word WheelTrace-and-Say: Starts with S sLetter H Mini-BookMini-Book: The Clouds-ed Word WheelSorting /s/ and /z/Word-Picture Match - /b/ WordsUnvoiced Th - Word Wheel-ug Word WheelWord Family Sort - /m/Word-Picture Match - /l/ WordsG - Word Wheel (Soft G)Letter D d - Practice SheetRhyming Mini-Book: 1-and Word WheelWords that Start with K kD- Word WheelLetter B b - Practice SheetRhyming Mini-Book: 3 (Animals)-ail Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Six & StarLetter G g - Practice SheetMoon at Noon (oo Sound)-eet Word WheelLetter T Mini-BookBuild-a-Word: Bug & Ball-end Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #1N - Word WheelLetter F f - Practice Sheet-ear Word WheelLetter O o - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Bed & Bat-est Word Wheel-ook Word WheelLetter N Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /k/ WordsG - Word Wheel (Hard G)Letter A a - Practice SheetRhymes with BookShort OO - Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Fan & Frog-eal Word Wheel-ock Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Dog & Duck-ere Word Wheel-uck Word WheelWriting Words with M mK - Word WheelMini-Book: Beat the HeatLetter M m- Practice SheetS - Word WheelRhyming Mini-Book: 2 (Food)-an Word WheelThe Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)F - Word WheelWord Family Sort - /r/-oat Word WheelLetter D d - Practice Sheet-ice Word Wheel-ore Word WheelP - Word WheelWriting Words that Start with KShort A: Black Cat, Tan CatLetter N n - Practice Sheet-ut Word WheelMini-Book: The Car that Went Too Far-ad Word WheelLetter P Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /f/ WordsWriting Words with R rPhonics Poem: Dripping SinkWord-Picture Match - /d/ Words-ent Word Wheel-ock Word WheelWriting Words with P pWord Family Sort - /j/EA - Word WheelLetter L l - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with S sRhyming Web #1Long OO - Word WheelLetter S Mini-BookPhonics Poem: Pig and the PrinceD - Word Wheel-op Word WheelLetter P p - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Key & KingEE - Word WheelLetter K k - Practice SheetLetter S Mini-BookRhyming Web #2-ack Word WheelLetter R Mini-Book-ent Word WheelWords that Start with D dLetter C Mini-BookBuild-a-Word: Pig & PenMini-Book: Letter KSh - Word WheelLetter I i - Practice SheetWord-Picture Match - /s/ WordsShort I - Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Fox & Fish-ine Word WheelLetter V Mini-BookLetter R r - Practice Sheet-eep Word WheelLong I Mini-Book : Mom & ILetter D Mini-BookLetter G Mini-BookTrace-and-Say: Starts with P pBuild-a-Word: Jet & JarOU - Word WheelLetter J j - Practice Sheet-ump Word WheelLong O - Word WheelLetter G Mini-Book-ip Word WheelLetter Q Mini-BookPhonics Poem: Black Cat, Tan Cat-ew Word Wheel-ink Word WheelLetter L Mini-BookR - Word Wheel-ell Word Wheel-end Word WheelWriting Words that Start with DLetter F Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /p/ WordsBuild-a-Word: Mat & MoonOW - Word WheelLetter H h - Practice Sheet-unk Word WheelShort O - Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Gift and Goat-am Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Pot & PawLetter M m - Practice SheetMini-Book: The SnakeBlack Cat, Tan Cat-ug Word WheelLetter B Mini-Book-oat Word WheelLetter T Mini-BookWriting Words with N n-eel Word WheelHard C or Soft CW - Word WheelM - Word WheelA Shake at the ShoreWriting Words that Start with R r-un Word WheelWriting Words that Start with B-ing Word WheelLetter N Mini-BookLetter P Mini-Book-ere Word Wheel-eet Word Wheel