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Common Core ELA RF K 2b Grade K Reading Foundational Skills Phonological awareness

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonological awareness

Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.

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Word-Picture Match - Q WordsMini-Book: Letter KLetter S Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /m/ WordsLetter R Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /j/ WordsLetter V Mini-BookWord Family Sort - /p/Letter J Mini-BookLetter Q Mini-BookLetter Q Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /n/ WordsWord Family Sort - /f/Letter L Mini-BookWord Family Sort - /l/Letter T Mini-BookWord Family Sort - /m/Letter M Mini-BookLetter N Mini-BookLetter N Mini-BookSuffix -ed: Word SortLetter H Mini-BookLetter K Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /p/ WordsMini-Book: The Car that Went Too FarWord-Picture Match - /f/ WordsLetter M Mini-BookLetter W Mini-BookCar Won't Start (Mini Book)Long I Mini-Book : Mom & ILetter Z Mini-BookMini-Book: Beat the HeatShort U Mini-Book : Run Bug! Run!Letter Y Mini-BookLetter G Mini-BookMini-Book: The SnakeLong O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatLetter X Mini-BookLetter B Mini-BookA Shake at the ShoreLetter C Mini-BookMini-Book: Chip and ChadSilent E Mini-Book: Let's Bake a CakeLong U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsShort U Mini-Book : Run Bug! Run!Word-Picture Match - Hard-C WordsBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)Word Family Sort - /s/Word Family Sort - /b/A Shake at the Shore (sh sound)Short O Mini-Book : FoxLetter S Mini-BookWord Family Sort - /d/The Snake (sn sound)Short E Mini-Book: JenWord-Picture Match - /s/ WordsLetter F Mini-BookBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)Long U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsLetter V Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /b/ WordsShort A Mini-Book: Rat, Cat, and PatLong A Mini-Book : Kay-KayWord Family Sort - /t/Word-Picture Match - /d/ WordsChip and Chad (ch sound)Long E Mini-Book : Buzz, Buzz, BeeWord-Picture Match - /t/ WordsLetter D Mini-BookLetter X Mini-BookLetter C Mini-BookSorting /s/ and /z/Car Won't Start (st sound)Letter G Mini-BookLetter Z Mini-BookLetter F Mini-BookLetter W Mini-BookLetter J Mini-BookLetter T Mini-BookLetter Y Mini-BookLetter D Mini-BookLong I Mini-Book : Mom & IFloat Your Boat (oa Sound)Letter H Mini-BookLong O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatLetter B Mini-BookShort O Mini-Book : FoxWord-Picture Match - /r/ WordsWord Family Sort - /h/Farm Mini-BookLetter R Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /h/ WordsCommunity Helpers Mini-BookMini-Book: The CloudsWord Family Sort - /r/Letter L Mini-BookLetter P Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /l/ WordsMoon at Noon (oo Sound)Word Family Sort - /n/Word-Picture Match - /k/ WordsThe Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)Long E Mini-Book : Buzz, Buzz, BeeWord Family Sort - /j/Letter P Mini-Book