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Common Core ELA RF K 2 Grade K Reading Foundational Skills Phonological awareness

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonological awareness

Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes).

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Letter F f - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Bed & BatLetter A a - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Fan & FrogBuild-a-Word: Dog & DuckWriting Words with M mLetter M m- Practice SheetWord Family Sort - /r/Letter D d - Practice SheetLetter N n - Practice SheetWriting Words with R rWriting Words with P pLetter L l - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with S sBuild-a-Word: Fox & FishLetter R r - Practice SheetLetter P p - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Key & KingLetter K k - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Pig & PenLetter I i - Practice SheetLetter J j - Practice SheetTrace-and-Say: Starts with P pBuild-a-Word: Jet & JarWriting Words that Start with DWord-Picture Match - /p/ WordsBuild-a-Word: Mat & MoonLetter H h - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Gift and GoatRhyme Cut-and-Glue (Basic)Build-a-Word: Pot & PawWriting Words with N nWriting Words that Start with R rBuild-a-Word: Man & MugBuild-a-Word: Rat & RingLetter C c - Practice SheetWord Family Sort - /n/Writing Words that Start with M mWord-Picture Match - /r/ WordsWriting Words that Start with P pTrace-and-Say: Starts with R rLetter N n - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Roof & RoseWriting Words with T tBuild-a-Word: Cup & CakeLetter S s - Practice SheetLetter T t - Practice SheetLetter U u - Practice SheetLetter Q q - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with CLetter R r - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Cow & CatLetter Z z - Practice SheetLetter Y y - Practice SheetTrace-and-Say: Starts with Q qLetter H h - Practice SheetLetter X x - Practice SheetLetter X Mini-BookWriting Words that Start with J jBuild-a-Word: QuiltLetter Q q - Practice SheetWriting Words with B bBuild-a-Word: QueenBuild-a-Word: Hen & HatLetter P p - Practice SheetLetter O o - Practice SheetWriting Words with F fLetter V v - Practice SheetLetter I i - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with Q qWriting Words that Start with H hWord Family Sort - /p/Letter W w - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with FLetter U u - Practice SheetWriting Words with L lLetter F f - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Toys & TentBuild-a-Word: Lamp & LipsLetter G g - Practice SheetLetter S s - Practice SheetLetter T t - Practice SheetWriting Words with D dWriting Words that Start with N nLetter E e - Practice SheetBuild-a-Word: Net & NestLetter K k - Practice SheetLetter C c - Practice SheetTrace-and-Say: Starts with T tWord-Picture Match - /n/ WordsWriting Words with S sTrace-and-Say: Starts with N nWord Family Sort - /m/Letter D d - Practice SheetTrace-and-Say: Starts with S sBuild-a-Word: Bug & BallLetter B b - Practice SheetS - Word WheelThe Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)-ear Word WheelLetter O o - Practice Sheet-est Word Wheel-ook Word WheelLetter N Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /k/ WordsG - Word Wheel (Hard G)Short OO - Word Wheel-eal Word Wheel-ock Word Wheel-ere Word Wheel-uck Word WheelK - Word WheelMini-Book: Beat the Heat-an Word WheelF - Word Wheel-oat Word Wheel-ice Word Wheel-ore Word WheelP - Word WheelWriting Words that Start with KShort A: Black Cat, Tan Cat-ut Word Wheel-ad Word WheelLetter P Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /f/ WordsPhonics Poem: Dripping SinkWord-Picture Match - /d/ Words-ent Word Wheel-ock Word WheelWord Family Sort - /j/EA - Word WheelLong OO - Word WheelLetter S Mini-BookPhonics Poem: Pig and the PrinceD - Word Wheel-eep Word Wheel-op Word WheelEE - Word WheelLetter S Mini-Book-ack Word WheelLetter R Mini-Book-ent Word WheelWords that Start with D dLetter C Mini-BookMini-Book: Letter KSh - Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /s/ Words-ine Word WheelLetter V Mini-BookOU - Word Wheel-ump Word WheelLetter G Mini-Book-ip Word WheelLetter Q Mini-BookPhonics Poem: Black Cat, Tan Cat-ew Word WheelLong I Mini-Book : Mom & ILetter D Mini-BookLetter G Mini-Book-end Word WheelLetter F Mini-BookOW - Word Wheel-unk Word Wheel-ink Word WheelLetter L Mini-BookR - Word Wheel-ell Word Wheel-ere Word WheelLetter J Mini-BookLetter M m - Practice SheetMini-Book: The SnakeBlack Cat, Tan Cat-ug Word WheelLetter B Mini-Book-oat Word WheelLetter T Mini-Book-eel Word Wheel-am Word WheelW - Word WheelM - Word WheelA Shake at the Shore-un Word WheelWriting Words that Start with B-ing Word WheelLetter N Mini-BookLetter P Mini-Book-eet Word WheelRhyming MonsterWh - Word WheelMini-Book: Chip and ChadV - Word Wheel-ight Word WheelLetter K Mini-Book-it Word WheelT - Word WheelLetter D Mini-BookLong I - Word WheelSuffix -ed: Word SortLetter W Mini-BookCh - Word Wheel