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Common Core ELA RF K 1 Grade K Reading Foundational Skills Print Concepts

Reading Foundational Skills: Print Concepts

Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.

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Word Family Sort - /p/Brainstorm /j/ WordsLetter Q q - Practice SheetWord-Picture Match - /s/ WordsWriting Words that Start with F-ink Word WheelBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)-and Word Wheel-end Word WheelLong U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsRhymes with TreeLetter Q Mini-BookWriting Words that Start with J jLetter P p - Practice Sheet-ump Word WheelWriting Words with D d-oat Word WheelShort A Mini-Book: Rat, Cat, and Pat-ail Word Wheel-ere Word WheelLong A Mini-Book : Kay-KayRhymes with PigWriting Words that Start with N nWord Family Sort - /f/Letter O o - Practice Sheet-unk Word WheelBrainstorm /b/ Words-ing Word WheelChip and Chad (ch sound)-ate Word Wheel-it Word WheelLong E Mini-Book : Buzz, Buzz, BeeRhyming Words 2Writing Words with F fLetter V v - Practice Sheet-ug Word WheelLetter B b - Practice SheetLetter X Mini-Book-all Word WheelLong O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatBlank Word WheelRhyming Words 1Letter W w - Practice Sheet-un Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /b/ WordsCar Won't Start (st sound)-ake Word WheelPhonics Poem: Popcorn-un Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /n/ WordsRhyming Mini-Book: 1-ight Word WheelWord Family Sort - /l/-it Word WheelWriting Words with L lLetter U u - Practice SheetLetter V Mini-BookBrainstorm /b/ Words (Advanced)Letter Z Mini-Book-eat Word WheelShort O Mini-Book : Fox-ut Word WheelWord Family Sort - /m/Rhyming Mini-Book: 3 (Animals)Letter L l - Practice SheetLetter F f - Practice SheetWord Family Sort - /t/Letter D d - Practice SheetLetter W Mini-Book-eep Word Wheel-ing Word Wheel-ump Word WheelLetter N Mini-BookRhymes with Book-in Word WheelBrainstorm /t/ WordsWord-Picture Match - /d/ WordsLetter Y Mini-Book-eel Word Wheel-ip Word Wheel-unk Word WheelWriting Words with M mRhyming Mini-Book: 2 (Food)-ick Word WheelWriting Words with T tBrainstorm /d/ Words (Advanced)Float Your Boat (oa Sound)-ell Word Wheel-ine Word Wheel-ot Word WheelBrainstorm /p/ WordsLetter M Mini-BookMini-Book: The Car that Went Too Far-ime Word WheelLetter G g - Practice SheetLetter U u - Practice SheetBrainstorm /d/ WordsFarm Mini-Book-ed Word Wheel-ink Word Wheel-ub Word WheelWriting Words with P pBrainstorm /l/ WordsRhyming Web #1-end Word WheelLetter E e - Practice Sheet-uck Word WheelLetter D Mini-BookCommunity Helpers Mini-Book-eet Word WheelLetter H h - Practice Sheet-ow Word Wheel #2Letter P p - Practice SheetBrainstorm Soft-G WordsRhyming Web #2-est Word WheelLetter C c - Practice SheetWriting Words that Start with D-ear Word WheelWord Family Sort - /h/-ug Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /p/ WordsBrainstorm Hard-G Words-ay Word Wheel-ere Word WheelLetter D d - Practice Sheet-eal Word WheelBrainstorm /h/ Words-ow Word Wheel #1Letter W Mini-BookLetter H Mini-Book-ear Word Wheel-ice Word WheelLetter B b - Practice Sheet-ub Word WheelMini-Book: The CloudsMoon at Noon (oo Sound)Word Family Sort - /r/Writing Words that Start with H h-ook Word WheelLetter Z Mini-BookLetter G g - Practice Sheet-eal Word Wheel-ent Word WheelLetter A a - Practice Sheet-ight Word WheelWriting Words with R rWord-Picture Match - /h/ Words-uck Word WheelLetter Y Mini-BookLetter F f - Practice Sheet-ed Word Wheel-eep Word WheelLetter M m- Practice Sheet-ick Word WheelThe Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)Letter L Mini-Book-ore Word WheelLetter X Mini-BookBrainstorm /f/ Words (Advanced)-ew Word WheelLetter N n - Practice Sheet-in Word WheelLetter P Mini-BookWriting Words that Start with L-ock Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #1Brainstorm /f/ Words-ell Word WheelLetter L l - Practice Sheet-ice Word WheelLetter S Mini-BookLetter R r - Practice Sheet-eal Word WheelLetter K k - Practice Sheet-op Word WheelLong U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsWord-Picture Match - /f/ Words-eel Word WheelLetter K k - Practice SheetLetter I i - Practice SheetLetter R Mini-BookPhonics Poem: Black Cat, Tan Cat-at Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /l/ WordsLetter C Mini-BookShort U Mini-Book : Run Bug! Run!Letter G Mini-Book-eet Word WheelLetter I i - Practice Sheet-ime Word WheelLetter V Mini-BookBrainstorm /r/ Words-eat Word Wheel-ow Word Wheel #2Letter B Mini-BookCar Won't Start (Mini Book)Letter J j - Practice SheetLetter T t - Practice SheetLetter Q Mini-Book