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Common Core ELA RF 1 3a Grade 1 Reading Foundational Skills Phonics and Word recognition

Reading Foundational Skills: Phonics and Word recognition

Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs.

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Word Copy - /sh/Sh - Ch RiddlesSh - Ch SentencesSh - Ch CluesWord Color - /ch/Ch-Sh ListsWord Scramble - /ch/Mini-Book: Chip and ChadSh - Word WheelWord Copy - /ch/Ch - Word WheelCh - Word WheelSh - Word WheelWH - Word WheelUnvoiced Th - Word WheelSh - Ch CluesA Shake at the Shore (sh sound)Cut and Sort Sentence Sequence - ShSh - Ch SentencesCh-Sh ListsWord Color - /sh/Sh - Ch RiddlesVoiced Th - Word WheelWord Scramble - /sh/A Shake at the ShoreBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)Letter T Mini-BookWord-Picture Match - /n/ Words-ump Word Wheel-ate Word WheelShort A Mini-Book: Rat, Cat, and PatAY - Word WheelLong A Story - Plane to SpainShort E - Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Mat & MoonWriting Words that Start with FTrace-and-Say: Starts with N n-unk Word Wheel-all Word WheelChip and Chad (ch sound)Long and Short Vowel Sounds-ay Word WheelWriting Words with D d-ock Word WheelLetter X Mini-BookLong Vowel Sentences-ear Word WheelLong OW - Word WheelWords that Start with B b-oat Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Man & MugWord Family Sort - /m/-ot Word Wheel-ake Word WheelLong and Short Vowels: Coloring Boxes-eal Word WheelEA - Word WheelBuild-a-Word: Dog & DuckPhonics Poem: Dripping SinkWriting Words that Start with M m-ub Word Wheel-eat Word WheelCar Won't Start (st sound)OU - Word WheelWords that Start with D dPhonics Poem: Pig and the PrinceWord-Picture Match - /m/ Words-ow Word Wheel #2-eep Word WheelLetter Z Mini-BookLetter N Mini-BookMini-Book: Beat the Heat-ed Word WheelLetter D Mini-Book-ent Word WheelWord-Picture Match - /j/ Words-ug Word Wheel-eel Word WheelLetter W Mini-BookWriting Words with M mShort A: Black Cat, Tan Cat-eal Word WheelEE - Word WheelWriting Words that Start with DLong I Mini-Book : Mom & ILetter J Mini-BookTrace-and-Say: Starts with S s-ow Word Wheel #1-ell Word WheelFloat Your Boat (oa Sound)Writing Words with P pEA - Word Wheel-at Word WheelTr - Word WheelRhyming MonsterI have/Who has Game: Level 1-end Word WheelWriting Words that Start with J jBuild-a-Word: Six & Star-ed Word WheelFarm Mini-BookBuild-a-Word: Pig & PenEE - Word Wheel-eat Word WheelShort OW - Word WheelSuffix -ed: Word SortWords that Start with J j-ut Word Wheel-eet Word WheelCommunity Helpers Mini-BookBuild-a-Word: Pot & Paw-ook Word Wheel-aw Word WheelRhyming Words 3-ere Word Wheel-ear Word WheelMini-Book: The CloudsW - Word Wheel-uck Word Wheel-ap Word WheelCl - Word WheelRhymes with Cat-it Word WheelWord Family Sort - /f/Writing Words that Start with S s-ore Word Wheel-ate Word WheelOU - Word WheelRhymes with TreeLong O Mini-Book : Row, the BoatWriting Words with F fLetter S Mini-Book-eal Word WheelMoon at Noon (oo Sound)Wh - Word WheelPhonics Poem: Buggy Bump Ball-ag Word WheelC- Word Wheel (Soft C)OW - Word WheelRhymes with PigPhonics Poem: PopcornWord Family Sort - /l/Word-Picture Match - /s/ WordsWord Family Sort - /r/The Car That Went Too Far (ar Sound)Letter W Mini-Book-ock Word WheelMini-Book: The SnakeRhyming Words 2-ing Word WheelWords that Start with M m-ump Word WheelWriting Words with R rLetter P Mini-BookLetter Z Mini-Book-op Word WheelPhonics Poem: Mud Puppy-all Word WheelWriting Words with L l-unk Word WheelPhonics Poem: Black Cat, Tan CatLetter S Mini-BookLetter X Mini-BookLetter C Mini-BookPhonics Poem: SpotRhyming Words 1Letter M Mini-Book-ug Word Wheel-ip Word WheelWriting Words with N nLetter R Mini-Book-ow Word Wheel #1Letter G Mini-Book-end Word WheelVowel MatrixRhyming Mini-Book: 1-ake Word WheelWords that Start with H h-un Word Wheel-ine Word WheelLetter V Mini-BookLong U Mini-Book : Using My CrayonsLetter F Mini-BookThe Snake (sn sound)-est Word WheelShort Vowel SortRhyming Mini-Book: 3 (Animals)-and Word Wheel-ink Word WheelLetter Q Mini-Book-op Word WheelLetter J Mini-BookLetter P Mini-BookBlue and Black Berries (bl sound)-ere Word WheelLong Vowel SortRhymes with Book-ail Word WheelLetter H Mini-BookV - Word Wheel